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  • DNAZip! Video Game Evaluated at the Ontario Science Centre

  • SnareMedia Video Tutorial: PyMOL Interface & Animation

  • Bonnie Scott Named Vesalius Trust Scholar

  • JBC Article Winner of the AMI Literary Award

Science Visualization

Our global community needs an understanding of science to make informed choices about lifestyle and healthcare. Science communicators can make a big difference through visualizations.


Science communicators use multimedia technologies to create a wide range of visualizations, from digital illustrations, 3D animations, interactive websites, to video games.

Video Games

SnareMedia is particularly interested in how video games can be used for learning science. Check out the RESEARCH page to find out about some exciting projects!

About SnareMedia

SnareMedia is a science visualization and multimedia website founded by Bonnie Scott, PhD. Bonnie is particularly interested in molecular visualization and exploring how games can be used to teach science in both schools and public spaces. In addition, she is developing resources to help research scientists better use 3D visualization and animation software.

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